If You Are Looking For An Ultra Hardwearing And Longer Lasting Floor Coating Then You Have Come To The Right Place

Discover The Benefits Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring…

Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring Is A Rock Solid Floor Coating That Bonds Permanently To Concrete Floors.

Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring is a super heavy duty flooring system designed to give you  exceptional performance even in the harshest of environments including…

   Garages  Workshops Warehouses Walkways

 Commercial Floors  Showrooms  & Much More

What is Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring?

Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring is a premium commercial quality 100% solids (not diluted with cheap thinners) resin flooring system that  provides a rock solid super heavy duty floor coating that will give you exceptional performance even in the harshest conditions.

Discover The Benefits Of Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring…

  • Bonds Permanently To Concrete: Stone Crete’s Epoxy Flooring System instantly creates a rock solid bond with your concrete floor. Unlike inferior concrete paints Stone Crete will never lift off…GUARANTEED!
  • Hot Tyre Resistance: Ordinary concrete paints are so thin that a hot tyre will easily lift the paint off the surface. Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring is not affected by hot tyres and will never ever lift off.
  • Oil & Stain Resistant: Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring resists oil, brake fluid, grease and acids. Just a quick wipe down will keep your Stone Crete floor looking like new.
  • Next Day Return To Service: Unlike traditional epoxies and polyurethanes which can take up to seven days to cure, you can park your vehicle on your new Stone Crete Epoxy Floor the very next day after installation.
  • Stunning Colours: Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring is available in a wide range of stunning colours.
 Bring Your Ugly Concrete Floors Roaring Back To Life With  Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring
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