Fed Up With Dirty Pavers Spoiling The Look Of Your Property?

Discover How Your Dirty Pavers Can Be Made To Look Like New Again With This 29 Years Proven System…

The Problem…

Brick pavers, poured limestone or concrete are highly porous materials.

They are like a big sponge just waiting to suck in those ugly oil, grease and food stains which can quickly ruin the appearance of your paving or liquid limestone.

If you don’t act now to protect your pavers or liquid limestone their appearance can be permanently ruined by unsightly stains.

The Solution…

Get your dirty pavers restored and then protected with  Stone Crete’s Armour Shield 2000 Paving Sealing System.

Here’s how it works…

Stage 1: Your dirty pavers are pre-treated with a specially formulated dirt dissolving solution that penetrates deep down to release that trapped in dirt.

Stage 2: Stone Crete’s powerful deep clean turbo pressure cleaning system gets your pavers looking like new again.

Stage 3: That new clean look is then “locked in” with Stone Crete’s Armour Shield 2000 Paving Sealing System.

Armour Shield 2000 acts as an ongoing invisible shield that protects the appearance of your pavers from being ruined by ugly oil, grease and food stains for up to 7 years.

Arma Shield 2000 is a specially formulated penetrating paving sealing system that offers superior and longer lasting performance than those sealers frequently used by other contractors.

Why Armour Shield 2000 is superior to ordinary paving sealers…

The most commonly used paving sealers are solvent based topical sealers.

There are two massive issues with solvent based topical sealers…

Issue #1: They contain toxic solvents such as xylene. Xylene is a dangerous commercial toxic solvent that can cause irritation to your eyes and lungs.

You’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that Stone Crete’s Amour Shield 2000 Paving Sealer is a 100% water based which means it’s safer for you and your family.

Issue #2: Topical sealers form a film on the surface of the paver. This means the sealer can wear or peel off  and become unsightly within as little three months.

Armour Floor 2000 penetrates and seals your pavers just below the surface. This means Armour Floor 200 can never wear off giving you longer lasting paving protection against oil, grease and food stains.

7 reasons to have your pavers restored with Stone Crete’s Paving Restoration System…

Stone Crete’s Paving Sealer is solvent free much and safer for you and your family
Prevents ugly oil and grease stains from ruining your pavers
Your pavers are easier to clean
Restores and maintains the colour of your pavers
Protects your pool surround pavers or poured limestone from corrosion
Protects and keeps your pavers looking like new for up to 7 years
Paving protection experts since 1992

Warning! Not all sealers are the same…

We get many of calls from people who have ruined their pavers because the wrong type or formulation of sealer was used.

We apply a sealer formulation that is best suited to your particular type of paver or liquid limestone.

You’ll have peace of mind in knowing the advice we give you is based on our 29 years experience and thousands of happy customers.

You don’t have to put up with unsightly pavers

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