Fed Up With The Sight Of  Your Dirty Pavers Or Liquid Limestone? 

Discover How Stone Crete’s Three Stage Restoration System Makes Your Dirty Pavers Or Liquid Limestone Instantly Like New Again…

  • Stage #1:Pre-Clean Treatment: Stone Crete’s deep penetrating cleaning solution is applied to your dirty pavers or limestone. This powerful cleaning solution is designed to dissolve the dirt that is trapped below the surface. That deep down trapped dirt is forced to the top ready for the stage #2 Turbo Pressure Clean.
  • Stage#2:Turbo Pressure Clean: A powerful turbo pressure cleaner is used to remove dirt and moss to leave your pavers or limestone looking like new again.
  • Stage #3 – Sealing Your Pavers: After your pavers or limestone have been Turbo Pressure Cleaned that new clean look is locked in with Stone Crete’s Heavy Duty Sealer. Stone Crete HD Sealer acts as an invisible shield protecting your pavers or limestone from oil, dirt and corrosive pool chemicals. Stone Crete HD Sealer keeps your pavers or limestone looking like new.

Why Stone Crete’s Paving & Liquid Limestone Restoration System Will Not Only Give You Better Results Than Ordinary Clean & Seals, It’s Much Safer For You, Your Family And Your Pets…

  • No Dangerous Toxic Solvent Fumes: Did you know most sealers contain dangerous solvents which can emit toxic fumes that could make you sick? You’ll have the peace of mind in knowing Stone Crete HD Sealer is water based and completely free of toxic solvents and much safer to use around your home.
  • Maintains a natural look to your pavers or limestone: Most ordinary sealers sit on top of your pavers  or limestone to produce an artificial looking gloss finish. This gloss quickly starts to wear off resulting in your pavers looking patchy. Stone Crete HD Sealer penetrates below the surface to create a more natural looking consistent finish.
  • Longer Lasting Protection: Because most paving and limestone sealers are topical  they can quickly wear off leaving your pavers or limestone unprotected. Stone Crete HD Paving Sealer is a penetrating sealer which means it penetrates deep into your paving and seals from just below the surface. Stone Crete HD does not wear off and will go on protecting your pavers or limestone for up to three times longer than ordinary topical sealers.
  • Same Day Cleaning & Sealing: Ordinary sealers have to be applied when the surface has completely dried out after pressure washing. This means cleaning and sealing of your pavers or limestone has to be done over two days. Stone Crete HD Paving Sealer can be applied immediately after pressure cleaning which means your cleaning and sealing can be completed in just one day instead of two.

Paving & Liquid Limestone Restoration Experts Since 1992…

We get many calls from people who have had their pavers or limestone ruined from using inexperienced operators.

Not all pavers and liquid limestone are the same.

You cannot just use a one all fits all type of sealer.

If the wrong type of sealer is used on your pavers or limestone their appearance can be ruined.

With over 28 years experience we can advise you of the best way to seal your pavers or limestone.

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Put An End To Your Dirty Pavers And Make Them Like New Again…

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