Sick & Tired Of Your Old Floor Tiles?

Dread The Thought Of Ripping Them Up?

Discover How You Can Have A Beautiful New Floor Without The Mess Of Ripping Up Your Old Tiles With…

Stone Crete Epoxy Overlay Flooring

What is Stone Crete Overlay Flooring?

Stone Crete Overlay Flooring is a premium quality epoxy flooring system that is applied over your existing floor tiles.

Stone Crete saves you the mess of ripping up your old floor tiles and being left with a home full of dust.

Discover The Benefits Of Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring…

  • Puts An End To Dirty Grout Lines: Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring is a continuous seamless flooring system with no dirt attracting grout lines. Imagine never having to worry about cleaning grout ever again? No more getting down on your knees with bleach and a scrubbing brush.
  • Healthier & Cleaner Flooring: Stone Crete is a seamless floor completely free of dirt and bacteria trapping grout lines and joins. Cleaning is really easy. Just a quick wipe with a damp mop will keep your floors looking like new.
  • Will Not Crack Or Chip: Stone Crete Epoxy Flooring has massive impact resistance compared to floor tiles.
  • Stunning Colours: Stone Crete is available in a wide range of stunning colours that will bring instant beautiful floors into your home.

You don’t have to put up with ugly floor tiles.

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